How to tell if your sewers are blocked

How to tell if your sewers are blocked

From your bathroom, to the laundry and even the kitchen sink. If you have a blocked sewer it can put a stop to your day very quickly! 

If you ever smell sewage in or around your home, you might have a blocked sewer near you. This will require you to call a plumber.

Never attempt to fix a blocked sewer on your own, always call a professional. 

There are a few things that you can check first to make sure.

How to tell if your sewers are blocked

1. Can you hear gurgling noises from the drains?

This can be any drain in your house, in laundry, bathroom, kitchen but mainly after the toilet is flushed.

2. Is the toilet water level in your toilet rising after flushing?

Flush your toilet and see if the water level rises after it has finished flushing and is slow to fall afterwards.

3. Is there sewage coming out of a gully trap or overflow grate?

A gully trap or overflow grate is usually located outside your house, usually outside the laundry or kitchen. It acts like a relief valve, releases sewage if there is a blockage. The gully trap or overflow grate will help to prevent a blocked sewer from evacuating its contents into your shower or home.

If you have check all of these and you have said yes to any or all of the above points then please call us on 0419 314 505. We are happy to help.

It is important that all repairs are completed by a licensed plumber.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and you have sewage coming out of the gully trap or overflow grate, don’t wait -  call a plumber immediately to unblock it.

Call Pro-Action Plumbing on 0419 314 505 and one of our qualified technicians will be able to come to your house to help.