How to turn off your mains water supply

How to turn off your mains water supply

The mains water supply is the primary source of water supply to your property.

There are many everyday situations where you’ll need to temporarily switch off the mains water supply.

Knowing how to do this an emergency or when you are performing plumbing related renovations or repairs on your property will save you money, reduce water damage due to flooding and minimise water wastage. 

When is it necessary to turn off your mains water?

The most common emergencies requiring your mains water supply to be turned off include a broken tap spindle or washer or a burst flexi hose under the sink.

How to do it

1. Locate the water meter

Your water meter is usually located at the front of your property near the fence line, and often close to a garden tap.

The unit frequently sits quite close to the ground, and could be partly hidden by plants or foliage. 

2. Find the on/off valve

Depending on the age of your property, the water meter usually has a tap, knob or lever on the top of the unit for turning the water supply on and off. 

3. Turn the water supply off

Moving the tap or lever to your right (clockwise) to turn off the water supply.

If the tap doesn’t move, try turning it counter-clockwise (left) to loosen the seal, then turn it clockwise once again.

Knowing how to turn of your mains water supply is vital to avoid costly water damage to your home when a tap breaks or a pipe bursts. Share these simple steps with your family so everyone can take action in an emergency.

We understand that water emergencies can’t wait. For fast water repairs, contact our qualified trusted plumbers today.